What About The Kids? (Part 1)

I am Mom to a 13yo boy and an 11yo girl. I am also (obviously) passionate about fair trade and ethical clothing. I have committed to only buying fair trade or secondhand for myself whenever possible, but what about my kids?

Thankfully companies like Pact and Primary provide options for babies and younger kids, but there aren’t a lot out of ethical options out there for teens and tweens. Also, kids of all ages grow FAST and are notoriously hard on their clothes, so while I might be able to justify spending a bit more on ethically made items that I’ll wear for years I can’t afford to do that for my kids everytime they grow (which sometimes feels like it happens by the minute!)

So… what’s a parent to do? I don’t have all of the answers, and I’m still on a journey myself, but here are some of the ways we’re trying to balance being conscious consumers AND still keeping my growing kids clothed on a single income family budget!

Here are just two ideas to start (more to come . . .)

***Shop secondhand. Whether it’s your local thrift store, online at places like ThredUp & Poshmark or even Facebook Marketplace there are often great items available at an incredible price. The shoes that are pictured both belong to my daughter and were ones I found on Facebook Marketplace. The purple sequined ones were $10 and she was in love the moment I showed them to her. Just about 2 weeks ago I saw the mint ones, that had only been worn twice, listed for $25. Turquoise and purple are my daughter’s favorite colors so I looked like a hero finding these. Also, my daughter’s feet are only slightly smaller than mine AND are still growing. While these are slightly big for her right now (she just wears thick socks with them) she will eventually outgrow them and then they will be mine, which will further extend their life.

***Clothing swaps. A FREE way to get clothes secondhand. Once a year or so the moms group at my church has a clothing swap day. Ladies bring the clothes and toys their kids are no longer wear/use and everyone can shop what they need. Leftovers are donated to families in need or to the local thrift store. Not part of a moms group? Host a playdate at your house with your friends!

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