Sacred Spaces

I have walked the streets of Jerusalem on a Friday evening and watched prayers at the Western Wall.

I have spent countless hours in the homes of Syrian refugees eating food, drinking coffee, and laughing.

I have attended an Iftar at the local mosque.

I have attended a Bar Mitzvah at a synagogue.

I have celebrated Shabbat in the home of a rabbi.

I have eaten lunch in the home of Palestinian activist.

I have been part of a team assisting asylum seekers from Central America.

I have sat in 3rd world homes and played UNO.

I have listened to the story of a Palestinian from Bethlehem whose family history of faith in Christ dates backs to Pentecost.

I don’t have answers to the problems of this world, but I do know the people I’ve met, and the stories I have heard have become part of me and the lens in which I see the world.

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